Who We Are

We are a group of likeminded people who have come together to enable those from all walks of life and all ages, to learn vocational skills that enhance their employment opportunities as well as develop qualities we each possess that are innate to us which we do not immediately recognize. They are the qualities of peace, appreciation, clarity, dignity, choice and inner strength. It is by traversing the journey of self-discovery, in understanding and knowing that we already possess these qualities, and in learning about ourselves, that we develop and evolve these qualities into important life skills.
their innate teach and learn, and to discover and develop the true potential within us

The Centre for Learning (CFL) is an associate company of the Barberyn Group and provides the institutional frame work for this endeavor. It also provides the structure and the resources for a team of professionals to volunteer their time and skills to make the teaching and learning happen.

What We Do

Learning is a life- long process. Every person regardless of age gender and social standing should have the opportunity to learn skills that are needed to live a life of peace, dignity, and prosperity.
We currently conduct a wide range of courses, in diverse locations, using innovative teaching and learning methods so that people of all walks of life, ages and those with no prior formal education can participate, enjoy and benefit.

We stand by our innovative teaching and learning methods because we firmly believe that while information is freely available on the Internet, nevertheless, free information rarely comes with proper instruction, explanation ‘nor navigation. It may also be unavailable in the language of our choice.

How We Do It

We develop and deliver courses which enable people to learn and improve their vocational skills, accounting, IT, Conversation English). Our current Basic Skills Courses are conducted for the Barberyn Group of Companies. We support The Peace Education Program (PEP) of the Prem Rawat Foundation which is conducted by a team of professionals on a voluntary basis. This 10 module structured course delivered through multi- media helps all of to deepen our understanding of peace, and nurture our inner strength. (www.tprf.org)

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