• Conversation English

    Ability to converse in English is an important skill, particularly for those engaged in tourism and related fields. The Centre for Learning conducts short courses in conversation English.

  • Basic Accounting

    Whatever your job description, we can’t get away from math, and we need mathematics in our daily life. In an age where people reach out for the phone to even do the most basic adding and sub-traction, staff learns basic accounting needed for their daily lives through CFL.

  • Practical IT

    We all know the frustration of the down time and loss any productivity when our computer stops working or does not want to do what we want it to do. The basic IT training provided by CFL helps staff to overcome these obstacles.

  • Literacy

    Although Sri Lanka has a literacy rate over 90% there are still people who cannot read and write. This program is to help everyone to be able to read and write in Sinhala.

  • Hospitality training

    Hospitality training with National Apprentice and Industry Training Authority (NAITA) and Hotel Schools. – Front office – Restaurant – Room attendants – Chefs –

  • Ayurveda – Ayurveda is one of the oldest medicinal systems in the world. It is also known as the science of life. Sri Lankan Ayurveda is a combination of Ayurveda from India and the local indigenous medicine. This course will be a great opportunity for anyone keen to learn the basics of Ayurveda in Sri Lanka.
  • Yoga – Yoga in Sanskrit refers to union, and it is to unite with your higher self. Yoga can help you to de-stress and relax your mind while strengthening the body.
  • Therapeutic art
  • Eastern music